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Extraction and Canopy Cleaning Speciailsts

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Some of the benefits with choosing CHS for extraction & canopy cleaning:
  • We are corporate members of the B&ES
  • Our extraction and canopy cleaning conforms to the requirements of the Food Safety Acts
  • We are externally audited by CHAS & the B&ES
  • We provide a post clean report and schedule of works
  • We are registered with the Environment Agency for waste disposal
  • All our canopy cleaning chemicals are biodegradable
  • COSHH regulations are strictly adhered to
  • We are corporate members of BICSc
  • £5,000,000 public liability insurance
  • We undertake site-specific risk assessments
  • No extra charges for night or weekend work

Build up of Grease

No matter how efficient your canopy filters are at trapping grease particles, it is inevitable that grease deposits will start building up within the kitchen extraction and canopy. If you don’t undertake duct cleaning on a regular basis, over time the grease will become baked on and carbonised. This is extremely difficult to remove, thus reducing the effectiveness of the extraction system, shortening the ducting and fan’s life and creating a serious fire hazard within the kitchen. In addition bacteria will develop in the fatty moist deposits, this is hazardous to health and a food source for cockroaches.

Fire Safety

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 stipulates that by law a fire risk assessment should be undertaken. This requires the building’s owner or workplace manger to delegate a responsible person to identifying all possible sources of fire and eliminate, or at least minimise the risk to the buildings occupants. Regular kitchen extraction cleaning will remove one of the most common causes of fire within the kitchen. We are increasingly seeing evidence that failure to clean your system by a professional accredited kitchen extraction cleaning company is invalidating insurance policies after fires. Regular kitchen extraction cleaning is imperative to ensure the safety of the building and that occupants are not at risk from a fire caused by grease build up in the extraction system.

The Extraction Cleaning Service

When undertaking a full extraction system clean, both the interior and exterior of the canopy hood is degreased thoroughly, with particular attention being paidbehind the filters which is cleaned to arms length. This is usually where the largest grease build up materialises, as it is so close to the heat source, it is imperative it’s cleaned. The filters are removed, soaked in a powerful cleaning solution, and then, rinsed and replaced.

Where there are access panels within the ducting the interior shall be thoroughly degreased to arm's lengthand beyond where possible. If not, access panels will be installed at regular intervals, this improves airflow helping to maintain a comfortable working temperature, and ensures that the interior of the ducting is cleaned as systematically and thoroughly as possible

Our normal method of cleansing the extraction motor is to install access panels either side, by the removal of the extraction grille or via the extraction filter housing in the canopy. The fan blades, motor and casing will be cleaned as far as access allows. If access panels have not been fitted prior to our arrival we will install these wherever the system allows it.All work is undertaken in accordance to current guidelines and will be certificated on completion, together with a detailed post clean report.

Duct Cleaning Certificate

After undertaking the cleaning,our Managers site report will be entered onto ourextraction management database. This system has been specifically designed to ensure an accurate log of your cleaning history, together with the details from each service visit and a photographic archive that is stored on our off site server . On completion we’ll provide you with a comprehensive post clean report and schedule of works and certification. This is acceptable to environmental health inspections, fire regulations and insurance companies as evidence to show you’ve taken action to minimise the fire risks from the build up of grease in your extraction system. If required we also offer the opportunity to download our detailed photographic archive from our online server.

Duct Cleaning Times & Intervals

We always undertake the cleaning at times convenient to you and there are no additional charges for weekend or night work, our quote is valid to clean at any time other than bank holidays.

Intervals between regular kitchen extraction cleaning depend on usage and the type of cooking undertaken, to assist the BESA (Building Engineering Service Association) have compiled a guide highlighted below.

Light Use 2-6 Hours A Day Annual
Moderate Use 6-12 Hours A Day Bi-Annual
Heavy Use 12-16 Hours A Day Quarterly

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Our survey quotation has no hidden charges and is compiled effectively and at your convenience so why not send us your details or call on 01895 812117

National Service Provided by Local Teams

Although our head office is near London our specialist teams of kitchen cleaners and fly screen fitters live strategically around the UK, we aim to ensure our most local team undertakes your order.

We've been undertaking kitchen, extraction cleaning & the installation of fly screens for a number of well known national chains and smaller independent caterers since 1993. As testament to the good service provided we still manage accounts from our first years of trading. From the moment you contact our customer driven office team to the quality service we offer we'll do everything to build the relationship and meet your expectations.